Portable Wireless Dog Fences: The Ideal Aid When Traveling with Your Pet

We, humans, are always craving for the next vacation. Whether it’s a trip to the family during Christmas or summer camping, we always try to find a way to leave our routine life at least for a few days. Thankfully, that is the only thing we have to leave these days as most of the places we go are pet friendly.

So, you can take your dog with you. But that poses a challenge of keeping your dog safely contained in an unfamiliar place and preventing them from getting lost or injured. That is where the portable wireless dog fence comes in. 

If you already own an in-ground electrical fencing system, chances are, that your dog is already trained to respect the boundaries. This gives you a good position to invest in a portable wireless fence. As long as you can find an electrical outlet where you are going to, you can have the same level of comfort in your dog’s safety as you get in your home. Just keep your wireless fence in your car and you can have it ready and running in less than an hour. 

To explain the functionality of a wireless fence, think of it as a wireless version of your in-ground electrical fences where the wires are buried underground. For a portable wireless fence, the radio signal, emitted from the transmitter, creates the boundary of the containment area. The receiver collar of the dog picks up this signal. And as long as it stays within the safety of the boundary, it can go anywhere. 

But, if the dog strays too near to the perimeter of the invisible fence, also known as the correction zone, the collar will make a ‘beep’ sound to stop the dog from going outside the boundary. If the dog ignores the sound warning, the metal contact points of the collar will generate some mild static electric shock or correction. The intensity of this correction is gentle enough to not hurt your dog but to make sure that it builds a habit of respecting it and going back to the containment zone. 

 The diameter of this portable fence is dependent on the strength of the transmitter. Some transmitters offer reconfigurability so that the confinement area can have a radius from a few feet to a few acres. 

It is a simple process to install the portable dog fence wherever you go. All you need is to carry the transmitter and your dog’s receiver collar. Generally, receiver collars run on batteries so make sure they are fully charged and/or you carry some spares in case you are staying out of your home for a longer period.

Along with these, you will also need a power source for the transmitter. Standard electrical outlets work fine. Once you are ready with the necessary tools, it is just a matter of a few simple steps to get going with the electric dog fence. Power up the transmitter set the containment area, make your dog get used to the new confinement zone. Just in case you don’t have a power outlet handy, you can use a power inverter to get power from your car.

Another important advantage of a portable dog fence is its ability to handle multiple dogs at a time if all of them are wearing the receiver collar for the given transmitter. Additional receiver collars can be brought aftermarket. 

But, like all things that make your life easier, this electrical fence also comes with certain cautions. Each dog is different and some of them just don’t react well to this system. They get anxious and aggressive. Or, if your dog is sick, pregnant, or elderly, an electrical fence might do more harm than good to them. So, it will be a good idea to keep your dog away from such fencing. 

And, even if your dog does react well to the system, you still need to remember that it is not a quick solution, even the portable versions will require some form of training for your dog to understand and learn to respect the fence. Whereas the training process is simple and should not take more than a month depending on the dog, you still need to put some time and effort into this. 

So, with a bit of preparation, you can have complete peace of mind and keep your dog safe with a portable wireless fence. Your dog will enjoy the vacation, and so will you. With a portable wireless fence, now you don’t have to choose between the risk of your dog getting lost and leaving them behind in the house. It gives you the perfect vacation that your dog can enjoy as well.

Electric dog fences are a popular way to keep dogs contained within a certain area. One of the essential components of an electric dog fence is its battery. The battery powers the transmitter, which sends signals to the collar on the dog’s neck, producing an electric shock if the dog tries to leave the designated area. Choosing the right Invisible fence battery for your electric dog fence is crucial to ensure its proper functioning and the safety of your dog.